Water charge

This charge recovers costs associated with providing water to your property. The charge is based on the actual consumption in a month.

Sewer charge

This fee is calculated as a percentage of the actual water consumption in a month. The rates are 20% domestic or 40% for Non Domestic. These charges recovers costs associated with sewer service provided to your property.


This charge represents the 2.5% of water Charge and is charged on all customers that have a water connection account. This fee funds the repair or replacement of aging and dilapidated sewer lines.

Standard Charge

This is a fixed charge on all metered properties. The charge is K5, K8, and K15, for Domestic, Institutions and commercial properties respectively.


This is the actual Water consumed in the month. It’s calculated by subtracting the current reading from the previous reading.

Additional information you need to know is that the billing date is the 17th of each Month and the due date is 14 days after the billing date. This means that if you do not settle your bill 14 days after billing, you are liable for disconnection of service.